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PeopleCentric to launch its
IT online assessment tool

Test01Coder in Europe.

Marius in Europe Marius
ISTRATE, PeopleCentric’s
CEO, coming to:
Austria, France,
the Netherlands,
Italy, Germany, Poland.
new CEO, Marius Istrate, will be on the road to launch Test01Coder
worldwide. The European Roadshow is named #EuroITTour.
This IT Recruitment event will allow
IT companies to discover how Test01Coder’s app can help them digitalize
the IT recruitment process
, mainly through automated
online assessment of IT candidates
. Test01Coder can also be used as a
support for IT employer branding and online IT challenges while reducing the
whole IT recruitment process by 30 to 40%.During this roadshow, Marius ISTRATE will also strengthen ties with
Test01Coder’s network of resellers and affiliates.
managers and Recruitment staff
of IT companies are welcome to
meet Marius ISTRATE face to
Marius Istrate in                                             Europe
November 10th in Vienna
November 17th in Paris
November 24th in Eindhoven
December 1st in Milan
December 8th in Berlin
December 10th in Warsaw

This Roadshow will continue in North America in February 2015.

join the #EuroITTour?

You will:
• learn what are the challenges of IT recruitment and IT training at
a time of IT profiles shortage
• learn how to ramp up IT teams sucessfully
• discover the new features of Test01Coder IT skills assessment application
• focus on IT skills assessment, IT training courses, IT employer
branding, serious gaming, recruitment digitalization
• learn how to recruit better, faster and enhance your corporate image
Marius Istrate:
Marius Istrate’s experience in ramping up large teams for IT companies has enabled him to gain a valuable insight regarding the digitalization  of the recruitment process. He will also extend Test01Coder’s current network of affiliates and resellers across the globe with new partnerships with recruitment agencies, job boards, software publishers and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) providers.
and registration:
our contact form
call 332 46 02 40 12follow #EuroITTour on
Twitter and Facebook

@MariusXPC on Twitter

Marius in Warsaw >


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